Printmaking Studio

ARTISTS can use the printmaking studio for open access on the following days between 10-3pm:

Monday  10-3pm

Tuesday 12.30-3pm

Wednesday 12.30-3pm

Thursday 10-3pm

Friday 10-3pm

Saturday 1-6pm (please check we don’t have workshops running)

MEMBERSHIP RATES: £60/year which includes 5 free hours, then you pay £5/hr after that. Membership includes 50% off workshops.

Inky Cuttlefish Studios General and Printmaking Membership

The Studio:

Printmaking at Inky Cuttlefish Studios is a communal activity and it is therefore essential that all users must organise themselves and work in a safe manner.  You must be prepared to negotiate and resolve conflicts with your fellow studio users for ever one’s benefit as well as your own.  As the studios are heavily used throughout the year it is important that all users be aware of the following health and safety issues and general studio guidelines.  These must be adhered to at all times.


If there is anything you do not understand about an item of equipment, please ask the studio assistant. Please read all notices in the rooms – these could affect you.


Access: users who have successfully completed an induction programme and paid for their sessions and membership can access the studio on allocated days by prebooking and signing your name on the ROTA, and paying in advance for your session.


The facilities are open between:

Monday-Friday 10am-3pm. Please note that it is important that you pre-book as often we have groups in using the studio.

A high degree of professionalism is expected in the department at all times. Equipment should be used with care and the work of others respected.

What do you need to get started?

Apron. Rubber or latex gloves. Brown Tape.  Inks and Binder. Paper. Various brushes of different sizes. Pens and pencils. Ruler. Hand cream. Any other specialised equipment (scrim, etching tools, copper plates, lino for relief printing, inks, screens for screenprinting, acetate, and squeegees, emulsion for screen printing).


We run a NON TOXIC studio and will be offering artist printmakers the opportunity to use our studio.

Polymetaal Etching Press (can be used for relief printing): 60cm x 35.5cm
Kimber Etching Press: 123cm x 71 cm
Parker Graphics UV Exposure Unit: 141cm x 110cm
Hotplate: 51cm x 61 cm
Peter Potter Screen-printing Table with vacuum: 163cm x 117cm
Peter Potter Screen-printing Table with vacuum: 91.5cm x 137cm
Stephenson Blake Relief Press: 80cm x 38.5cm
Dip tanks and Bath for Etching (Ferric Chloride)
Washout Area with Power Washer for Screen-printing
Screen-rack and Drying Boards
Fabric Printing Table: 80cm x 170cm

We don’t have a metal cutting guillotine – you have to bring your intaglio plates already cut.


You will need to do a Health and Safety induction before starting your open access session. You will need to factor this into the time you book for your first session. This will cover how to work all the equipment and what to do in the event of an emergency.

UV Sensitive Emulsion, Squeegees and Screens for an additional hire charge per session. PLEASE NOTE: we charge a £15 deposit for screen hire, the deposit is returned when you have washed out the screen and squeegee to the same condition that you received it.  The deposit is NOT returned if you have 1.let ink dry on the screen or squeegee, 2. Have torn the mesh. 3. Have not removed your image from the screen so that it is absolutely clean for the next person to use. Please note that if a deposit was not taken and the screen is not returned in the condition it was received – we will invoice you for the damage.


THERE IS NO STORAGE SPACE: equipment or lost property that is left in the studio and not claimed within two weeks will be re-homed.

Printmaking Workshops