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Starts again on Wednesday 9 August.
This is a wonderful way to learn more about printmaking in a professional printmaking studio working alongside professional artists. You will learn different printmaking techniques including intaglio and relief printing and get to take your artwork home.
Research has shown that the process of making and being creative promotes health and wellbeing.

These workshops offer the following benefits:

-Expressing thoughts and feelings that are difficult to verbalise.
-Becoming part of a creative community.
-Confidence building.
-Enjoying the sensory experience of bright colours as well as the feel and smell of the materials, getting your hands dirty and being able to experiment.
-Show therapeutic effects of focusing solely on the artwork in front of you for the session, it’s good to be around people and share an interest in the creative process.
-It feels good to learn new skills and being proud of what’s been achieved, providing a non judgmental environment in which the focus is not on what you can do but what you can learn.
WEDNESDAY MORNINGS: Open to all abilities
Weekly through term-time
Drop in art workshops with a focus on printmaking
Everyone welcome
£5 per session

Feedback on our Health and Wellbeing through Art workshops in January 2017:

‘Very friendly group, creative atmosphere’ – Elaine

‘Well worth getting here on time’ – Caroline

‘Accessible for all levels’ – Lucy

‘Anna is inspiring, it is a privilege to work with someone of your skills and have sessions that are local and affordable’ – Trudy

‘Ten on the feel-good factor’ – Mary


Children’s Workshops: Phoenix Rising

Adult’s Workshops: Printmaking




We are really grateful for the generous funding from Hiltongrove that allows Inky Cuttlefish Asian Women’s Group to continue over the next two years. Our next Showcase of artwork created by this group will be Tuesday 6 September.

Past Projects: